Vebi Istituto Biochimico’s first Sustainability Report

Discover more about our sustainable vision full of challenging opportunities

For Vebi Istituto Biochimico, sustainability means continuous improvement of our business model and its performance in terms of financial growth, valuing the people who work with us, and attention to the environment and our local community. Sustainability means responsibility and awareness.

In 2020, Vebi Istituto Biochimico created its first Sustainability Report, despite the fact that the year was marked by difficulties related to the Covid-19 pandemic. We believed that the time had come to transform the crisis into a profitable opportunity for identifying a new path that would realign the balance between the economy, environment, and society.

According to the vision of our CEO Luigi Bazzolo “entrepreneurs must have sensitivity in making the right choices to preserve the planet”.

For this reason, Vebi Istituto Biochimico has chosen this strategic and conscious approach: undertaking a path of sustainability means having a compass that will indicate the best way to go to ensure the best performance in the economic, social, cultural and environmental fields.

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