World Environment Day 2021

The theme “Restoration of Ecosystems”, chosen this year to celebrate World Environment Day, is in complete analogy with the official launch of the United Nations Decade (2021-2030) with the aim of preventing, stopping and reversing the damage inflicted on the ecosystems of the Planet, thus trying to move from the exploitation of nature to its healing. Indeed, the Day aims to raise awareness that nature-based solutions are the most effective responses to challenges for sustainable development.

World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972, to commemorate the Conference on the Environment which took place in Stockholm from 5th to 16th June of the same year. Indeed, during the Stockholm Conference, the United Nations Environment Program was outlined. Over 100 countries around the world adhere to this important celebration, including Italy.

World Environment Day was born with the aim of encouraging everyone to become more aware and to take care of our Planet. It is a valuable occasion to remind us that each of us can do something to be part of the change the earth needs, today more than ever!

Vebi Istituto Biochimico focuses on innovation and believes in research in order to develop new solutions that are increasingly innovative and more respectful of the environment. Indeed, our goal is to make products while focusing on the goals of eco-compatibility. Believing in sustainability means being aware that a winning idea is not only one that leads to an effective product but also, and above all, one that allows us to obtain an excellent technical result with the lowest environmental impact.

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