a new identity strategy

70% of consumers use brands to guide their purchases.
Giving the brand an identity through a coordinated image is important for the development of a company: brand image means reliability, concreteness, solidity; it ties the corporate dimension to the products, and is an assurance for stakeholders.
Brand identity differentiates a company’s offer from the competition, and in time it builds a positive reputation thanks to specific communication and marketing strategies. For these reasons, its role in strengthening and growing a company’s position on the market shouldn’t be underestimated.

At the image level, a brand’s identity is a range of visual elements that convey the values of a brand and of a company – even the most subjective and more difficult to articulate. Visual encoding is a powerful means to channel a company’s message and make it universal.

Vebi Istituto Biochimico was quick to adapt to the changes in its field, reinventing itself and further defining its objectives. We went for a clear, but not overly radical overhaul, starting by restyling our image in line with the former corporate one:

  • to take inspiration from the traditional visual elements of the brand
  • to integrate the image with innovative solutions

We maintained our recognisability on the market, without losing our true nature, and at the same time aiming to attract new customers.
The key elements of this rebranding are:

  • A very distinctive image compared to the competition
  • Consistent concept, but adapted to the various channels
  • Flexible layouts that approach the target audience with easy-to-understand message leading to a significant competitive advantage.

We are proud of the result, which at last brings together our two business lines: Biochemical and Beauty & Health.

At the corporate level, the symbol of the new company logo includes
_ 2 squares
_ 2 circles
Together, they represent the two coexisting divisions: Biochemical (the square) and Beauty & Health (the circle).
The two divisions are different, but they share the same values. To further highlight how they come together, they were assigned two identifying colours:

  • green for Biochemical
  • lilac for Beauty & Health

We also wanted to maintain some continuity with tradition: the name Vebi Istituto Biochimico, in fact, keeps the previous brand name, albeit with an updated, more dynamic, fresher look. The new version’s focal point is the rounded “V” in Vebi.

The company’s business divisions emerge in a standalone, immediately recognisable image.
The Vebi Biochemical and Vebi Beauty&Health brands come together and are distinguished through the shared element of the rounded “V”:
_ both brands have the rounded “V” of the corporate logo
_ the “V” of each brand is inscribed in its identifying shape (square or circle)

The single corporate logo becomes two, encompassing each business division.

We built a brand structure that aims to communicate visually the integration between the corporate Vebi Istituto Biochimico and the business (Vebi Biochemical and Vebi Beauty&Health).

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